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Design at scale for ambitious brands.

We’re a design studio focus on helping companies achieving their goals by building strong branding, creating and implementing smart design strategies, and we'll be with you all the way.​

We have 21+ years of branding & design experience.

We focus on designing the best growth strategy for companies and franchises.

Your company results are what matter the most to our team.

Creative solutions.

We use creativity and design to solve most of our client's problems

For more than 20 years we have been designing and developing diverse levels of solutions for our clients, this gives us the necessary expertise to help you achieve your company’s goals quicker and in the best way possible.

Our approach is different

See step by step our design process

Through the years as a design studio, we have been tested with different challenges, these challenges have taught us a lot, and three fundamentals aspects have helped us to succeed on those challenges:

• We focus on your goals
• Understand our client’s priorities
• Apply Design Processes

Brand Consulting

Get a 2nd professional opinion about your company project

Hire an expert to explain and guide you through the fundamentals of your project could cost you less than you expected.

Ask about our consulting and retainer fees

Some of our clients


Why hire us

In more than 20 years working with big companies and franchises, we’ve been involved in a lot of different projects and faced multiples and diverse challenges. This is called “experience” and this is what we’re offering, we already know the do’s and dont’s,  the pros and cons because we’ve been there many times.

We know you not just care about design, you also care about results, at the end of the day companies need to show results and in OrangeStudio we’re fully aware of that and that is the reason why we’re different from the rest, because we care about what you care the most, results. 

Orangestudio Design Awards


Spain Award

Education Management Platform

Winner of the Best High Impact Company in Iberoamerica 2014

We won this first place competing with 22 countries from America and Europe. 


Mexican ministry of Economy

Education Management Platform

We were selected as a success case in the industry in 2017 by the Mexican Ministry of Economy.

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