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The challenge

Grupo Aeroméxico is the most important and emblematic airline in Mexico, it has its main center of operations in Terminal 2 of the International Airport of Mexico City.

Its network of destinations travels from Mexico to the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Asia and Europe; Through an alliance with 19 airlines, it has a reach of 1,036 destinations around the world.

The challenge we faced was to streamline the sales process in all the travel expos where the company participated.

Due to the high flow of prospects, customer service was slow as each sale requires many details to verify. On average, a person formed in a line of 10 people could wait between 1hr to 1:30 h to be attended, with a service time at the counter of approximately 10 to 15 minutes per customer.

The Analisys

We found 2 key aspects that made the ticket sales process very time consuming

Most of the customers arrived at the Aeromexico counter without a clear idea of where they wanted to travel, what they were sure of was that they wanted to take advantage of the promotions that day, that is why when they were attended and asked where they wanted to travel , customers leafed through the aeromexico magazine asking basic questions from different destinations until in the best of cases they quickly decided on one.

The sales software: At that time, GranPlan de Aeroméxico had obsolete and unfriendly software that did not have many of the necessary tools to close a sale, an example of this is: The second most common question after having suggested a hotel is “What other hotel do you have” and to answer this, the Aeroméxico staff had to exit their current software and go to Google maps to do a search, identify a hotel and then return to their software to enter the name and see the rates

These two aspects were generally the main causes of delay in waiting times.

The process

From the observation, the time taking and several meetings with all the areas involved in the commercial process, we determine a strategy divided into several steps to improve the level of customer satisfaction, and consequently, raise the company’s sales.

The solution

01. Understand the problem

From the meetings with the team, it was determined that we should make sure that when the clients arrived at the sales counter, they already had most of their basic questions answered, such as a chosen destination and a couple of hotels already in mind,

02. Devising the solution

With the key destinations in mind, an iPad application was developed where the client while in line could do a search by destination, check the hotels, review their photos, make a Wish List, so that when they reached the counter they would already have at least one destination and accommodation selected.

03. Implementation

120 iPads were used for the entire expo where Aeroméxico personnel were in charge of distributing and giving personal attention while the client waited

We focused on the application having a friendly and easy-to-use navigability and graphical interface.

04. The Results
  1. Waiting times shortened by 40% on average
  2. Sales results at the end of the period were above a
  3. 200% above the estimated forecast versus the previous year.

“The second most common question after having suggested a hotel is "What other hotel do you have around"”

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