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Packaging Design

The process

This 2021 EUROTE celebrates 25 years as the leading company in the commercialization of Gourmet Tea in Mexico. Its mission is “To provide peace, health and flavor in every cup of tea.”

Its mission is to promote its consumption to anyone who is interested in a world-class quality product. It currently has more than 150 varieties of tea and herbal teas from all over the world in various presentations, as well as collections of kits and accessory sets to prepare it at home in a professional way.

The challenge for such a renowned company was to renew the image of all its packaging, in such a way that it reflected the spirit of the company and its values, seeking a graphic solution with a visual system to correlate its different types of tea, with their flavors and presentations.


01. Understanding the problem

The world of tea is dominated on a massive level by commercial brands that carry low-quality products. In order to reach the target market that EuroTé is interested in, we had to renew all the packaging of its entire product line to give a homogeneous, high-quality image.

02. Devising the solution

OrangeStudio defined a visual system that was consistent with its commercial catalog.

All products were packaged according to this new code

03 Implementation

Over the course of several months, the stocks in the warehouse were replaced until in a period of less than a six-month period, the entire EuroTé commercial line had the new branding.

Training sessions were given to both staff and business partners of the brand to explain this new nomenclature and the objectives that were pursued with this renewed image.

04. Results

Thanks to this new strategy, we managed to replace EuroTé in the market we were looking for, thus generating points of sale in department stores such as Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, promoting their electronic commerce via their own website and Amazon, as well as opening a Show Room in the Condesa neighborhood.

Logotype for herbal tea

Logotype for herbal tisane

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