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Texas Ribs

Branding Creation • Photography • Restaurant Assets

The challenge

Texas Ribs was born in 2005 by the impulse of our clients, Juan Carlos Pérez Cano and his father, Luis Alfredo Pérez. They had previously managed the Tony Roma’s franchise for fifteen years in Mexico, from which they learned to detect the specific needs of the Mexican market to develop their own brand.

The challenge was to create the concept of a family restaurant where the customer felt pampered with excellent taste and service.

The process

At OrangeStudio we believe that in order to obtain the best results from a project, we have to literally go “down to the kitchen”: to understand all the client’s processes in order to maximize the differentiating elements of the brand for clients.


The Mexican market enjoys traditional Texas food very much: ribs, brisket, pulled pork, roasted corn, mac & cheese, among many other dishes. Based on this preference, we developed the Texas Ribs naming with a graphic identity that reflects the southern American lifestyle.

We traveled to the United States to take 100% original photographs that were used both for the setting of the restaurant and for all point-of-sale and digital media advertising.

With a color palette that reflects the “Southern American Style” we developed all the differentiated graphic elements of the brand, leaving nothing to chance: logo, menus, decoration, all united under the same guiding concept that would make the client feel at home. with a gastronomic experience of quality, but accessible

“For obtain the best results from a project, we have to literally go "down to the kitchen": to understand all the client's processes”

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