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Design Consultancy

Company Design Consulting • Talks • Courses

OrangeStudio is 100% focused on solving business problems through design. We believe that design can be a decisive tool not only visually, but also in processes.

To achieve maximum results we believe in a total commitment between both parties: define the client’s need, results metrics, time, and available budget; and from all this information, make an analysis to offer a results-oriented work plan. As simple as that.

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App design is not only aesthetic, it is also the functionality.

The end-user must be able to carry out all the processes in a simple, fast and intuitive way; beyond the preconceptions or personal tastes that a company may have.

At OrangeStudio we have in our portfolio a wide variety of successful projects where we can show the methodology we develop to carry out mobile app design UX-UI projects to a successful conclusion. Learn More+

Mobile App Design (UX-UI)

Consulting • Project Management • Prototyping

Professional Web Design

Product Shots • Photo Retouching • Art Direction

For us, it is important to first make a deep analysis of the client’s needs on the internet (web, social media, e-mail Mkt).

We respect a work process where we first analyze the client’s project and its possible growth in the short, medium, and long term. From this, we work together to understand your business strategy and reflect it in the communication and advertising executions that will be reflected in a high-tech website.

Each project is unique and requires the time and effort necessary to maximize lasting results that are truly useful to the end-user and the client’s business results. It is not advisable to take shortcuts that later can generate difficulties. Our experience proves it. Learn More+

Social Media Assets

Consulting • Project Management • Concept Design

Social media is the principal communication channel for most companies now days

Having on board a reliable design agency that understands this, is key. OrangeStudio has 20+ years working with major companies creating the most suitable social media assets for each industry or specific niche.

One thing that makes us different is we care about results and our team will design the best strategy to accomplish what your company requires.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Campaigns • Project Management • Assets Design

Digital marketing is the melting pot where all efforts come together.

From the generation of a powerful creative and design concept, we implement BTL-ATL or digital campaigns, according to the budget and the client’s objectives.

For a Digital Marketing Campaign to be successful, it is necessary to perfectly analyze the metrics to be achieved for the final campaign, together with the budget, to achieve the objectives set in time and form.

At the end of the day, it’s about selling products, services, or ideas that give immediate benefit to brands.

That is our job and we focus our experience on it. 

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